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Best price guaranteed, bulk discounts and custom subscriptions available. Contact us for details.

Rights-managed footage

  • Medium

    Advertising, television shows, or films.

  • Usage

    Online advertising, playback, or theatrical.

  • Scale

    Local, Regional, National, or Worldwide.

  • Duration

    One year or Life of Project.


Flexible licensing options to fit your needs. Commercial products include up to 3 license choices to select on each item. Select your license based on users, medium, resale, and indemnification.

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If you or your client require custom indemnification coverage and/or special clause agreements, custom accounts are available.

Contact us with your details to begin setting up your agreement.

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Restrictions may apply. Select rights-managed collections are excluded.


  • Do you have a subscription?

    Looking for the best deal on stock photo and video content? We've got you covered! With our new pricing structure, enjoy the best price guaranteed, bulk discounts, and custom subscriptions tailored to your needs. Contact us for more details.

  • What is Royalty-Free?

    Royalty-free (RF) clips and photos may be used in common mediums, in an unlimited number of projects, worldwide, and in perpetuity. See our licensing page for more information.

  • What license do I need?

    For royalty-free (RF) content, our Standard RF license is a single-user license and covers common mediums, in unlimited projects worldwide, in perpetuity and the licensed price is included in the photo/clip.

    If you’re working for a client, our Plus and Extended RF licenses are unlimited user licenses and cover usages in any medium. All of our commercial licenses also include indemnification. See our licensing page for more information.

  • What is indemnification?

    Indemnification is essentially the level of insurance or coverage in the unlikely event of a dispute. Our standard and plus licenses cover you up to 10 times the purchase price. Extended licenses will cover up to $100k and our premium licenses covers up to $500k. We also have higher levels of indemnification available, let us know if you'd like more info.

  • Do you offer TV/Film riders?

    TV/Film riders are available as an optional add-on to your licensing. The add-on includes clauses such as injunctive relief. Injunctive relief permits Dissolve to waive its right to enjoin the production, withdraw an image, distribution, exploitation or promotion of your project.

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