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High angle slow motion shot of a person bungee jumping with their arms outstretched to the side, and giving a thumbs up sign as she come up

By Greatstock

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Caucasian, white, European, Eastern Cape, Kay Durand, Tsitsikamma, action, actions, adult, adults, adventure, adventures, adventurous, alone, single, altitude, altitudes, attempt, attempting, brave, bravery, breezy, bungee jumping, casual clothing, casual wear, challenge, challenging, colors, danger, dangerous, dare, dares, daring, day, day light, daytime, daylight, dense, densely, elastic, elastics, enjoying, enthusiasm, enthusiast, excite, excitement, exciting, exploration, explore, exploring, exterior, exteriors, extreme sports, fall, falling, falls, feat, feats, female, females, force, forces, freedom, fresh, freshness, gravitation, green, greenery, hanging, hangs, happiness, high, highs, hobbies, hobby, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, hung, inverted, jump, jumping, jumps, looking down, lush, mid-air, motion, motions, move, movement, movements, moves, moving, natural, nature, outdoor, outdoors, outside, outsides, outstretched arms, people, people & lifestyles & occupations, person, propel, propelling, propels, protection, protects, risk, risks, rope, ropes, safety, safety device, safety devices, scary, scene, scenic, skill, skillful, skills, smiling, sport, sport and recreation, sports, sporty, stunt, stunts, support, suspension, thrill, thrilling, thrills, thumbs up, top shot & high angle, tree, trees, unknown age, upside down, verdure, windy, woman, women, young adult, young adults, young woman, young women, wide shot, full shot, high-angle shot, slow motion, tracking shot, natural light