Download the color LUTs to match the Prevhues™ feature on—which allows you to see how clips will look color graded in your final project, while searching.

The download includes five color LUTs (4.2MB):

1970s – Take your footage back in time. Use it with our free 8mm film grain overlays to achieve the full look.
Mono – Classic, well-balanced black and white for your next documentary.
Golden – That desired look of warm highlights and teally shadows.
Pretty blue – Pink highlights and overwhelming blues in the mid-tones and shadows.
Fade – That hipster-approved, cinematic look.

Compatible with most editing software. To apply the effect in Adobe Premiere®, select the clip, open the Lumetri Color window. Under “Look” choose “Browse” and select the Dissolve color LUT.

  • Original

  • 1970s

  • Pretty blue

  • Golden

  • Mono

  • Fade

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