Stay organized

Organize your clips and photos into categories or themes.

Add as many subfolders as you need.

Drag and drop clips and photos in any order you prefer, great for storyboarding.

Use subfolders for even more ways to group and organize content.


Share and collaborate

Share your Folders with individuals or invite your whole team on Dissolve.

Or invite anyone with a shareable link.

Communicate with your colleagues using Folder notes.

Use the Members tab to see who’s already on the Folder and what permissions they have.




Create a quote

Effortless quotes for clips and photos in Folders.

Choose your licenses, enter your project details, and create a quote instantly.

Updating quotes are a cinch, simply “Reprice Folder” to create another quote.


More features

Apply updates to multiple items at once in a folder. Multi-select clips and photos to mark favorites, move items, checkout, or download.

See the details, if you want. Easy toggling on and off item details like license type, your selected sizes and more.



Folder Comments Gif

Stay in the loop 

Leave comments directly within a folder to let the other members know your thoughts. Let them know what you love, and what you would change. Seamless communication all in one platform.