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Using your storytelling skills for love, not money? If your agency or studio creates videos pro bono for a nonprofit or charity, Dissolve can help. We’ll provide up to $2,500 in royalty-free stock footage to help you create a project that builds awareness of an issue, encourages giving, or fights injustice.

If your agency is approved, we’ll also add you to our Dissolve Priority™ program, featuring full-size comps, expedited research and release assistance, and team accounts – to use for any of your client work, nonprofit or not.

What we expect from you, and what you can expect from us (aka “Conditions”)

  • You must credit Dissolve on-screen and in text with ”Stock footage and photography courtesy of Dissolve.”

  • You must share your project with us immediately upon completion.

  • You must use the clips or photos in a single video or design project within six months of the application date

  • Dissolve may, at its sole discretion, promote your project in its social media channels and content marketing.

  • By applying, you agree to receive email updates from Dissolve, which you may unsubscribe from at any time.

  • Offer is available to firms or individuals producing pro bono work (at no charge to the client) on behalf of a registered 501(c)(3) organization (if in USA), registered charity, or tax-exempt organization. Approval is at the sole discretion of Dissolve. Dissolve reserves the right to remove its credit and/or prohibit publicizing the company’s participation in your project.

  • For this program Dissolve will only provide royalty-free, commercial stock footage or photos.

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