Licensing clips and photos from Dissolve

License types

When you buy stock footage or photography from Dissolve, you actually license the right to use it in your projects in the ways described by each product’s royalty-free or rights-managed license. Release status also determines how clips may be used.

Royalty-free license

Royalty-free (RF) clips or photos may be used for an unlimited number of projects and mediums, for unlimited duration, worldwide. The advantages: versatility and convenience.

Rights-managed license

Rights-managed (RM) clips and photos are available for license per-project, defined by a combination of medium (such as advertising, television show, or film), usage (such as theatrical, festival rights, online advertising), scale (region or target audience), and duration (i.e., one year or the life of the project).

The advantages:

  • more distinctive in content and style
  • license only for the uses you require
  • license clips and photos exclusively for your project

When you license a rights-managed clip or photo, you may request usage history, allowing you to ensure your clip or photo is being used in an original or unique context compared to previous usages. Exclusive rights are also available, whereby we remove the clip or photo from our collection.

With Dissolve’s handy pricing calculator, and expert customer service close at hand, licensing rights-managed clips or photos is easy and clear. For more information, talk to us.

For complete licensing information, read our End User License Agreement.

Release status

Any clip or photo you license, whether royalty-free or rights-managed, also has a release status, which defines how the item may legally be used, based on permissions granted by the people shown or the owners of properties shown.

Commercial use

Most clips and photos on our site may be used in virtually any commercial or editorial context, including:

  • commercials for online or broadcast use
  • documentary or journalistic videos
  • feature-length and short films
  • explainers and corporate videos
  • websites and digital media
  • video games and software applications
  • designs, publications, and websites for commercial use

Clips or photos with the following release messages may be used commercially:

  • No releases required
  • Model and property released
  • Model released
  • Property released

See the table below for more details.

Editorial use

Some clips or photos on our site feature recognizable faces, buildings, or locations, but do not provide model and/or property releases. These may be used in editorial contexts only, such as documentaries, non-fiction shorts, or videojournalism (news). See the table below for more details.

What can you do with a clip or photo? Check this table.

Releases Standard royalty-free license Extended royalty-free license Rights-managed license
No releases required May be used in an unlimited number of commercial and/or editorial projects by up to 10 users per organization. May be used as part of software templates, content packages, or in resale contexts, or by an unlimited number of users in one organization. In a single commercial or editorial project, in the medium, usage, scale, and duration specified when you priced the clip or photo.
Model and property released
Model released As above; however, if properties are present and identifiable they are not released.
Property released As above; however, if models are present and identifiable they are not released.
Editorial use only In an unlimited number of editorial projects, by up to 10 users in one organization. N/A In a single editorial project, in the medium, usage, scale, and duration specified when you priced the clip or photo.
Contact us to inquire about commercial use Portions of the clip or photo may be possible to use commercially. Contact us for further details.
No releases on file No releases have been provided for this clip or photo, but they may not be required. Contact us to see if it’s suitable for your project.

For licensing and release questions, or to arrange extended licensing, contact us.



Under the standard license, Dissolve’s total aggregate liability is limited to 10 times the purchase value. You may purchase an extended guarantee to increase this liability to $250,000 USD or more. For information contact

TV and film riders

For an additional fee, you may request to purchase clips under a rider which ensures the clips will be available for worldwide use, in all mediums, for the life of your project. (Dissolve waives the right to “enjoin” a production or withdraw content as in section 14 of our licensing agreement). For information contact